Physical models have been proven to help sell faster, persuade quicker, and inform more accurately. A scale model will engage an extremely important sense, touch, which  computer generated models completely ignore. Thus, a scale model will greatly improve your marketing package and is the best solution to providing a clear, accurate visualization of the finished product. Our Modelmaking services range from Architectural Modelmaking to Product Prototying. Our models are made with a combination of 3d printing and laser cutting all built in our own high-tech studio.



Our Architectural Models (pictures above) are built with the use of our Laser cutter and 3d printer allowing us to deliver a very detailed, high-end model perfectly to the desired scale. We offer a broad range of architectural models, from abstract to topographical. Our models are built to the utmost accuracy by a professional modelmaker with a BA honors degree in modelmaking from London and with experience working as an in-house modelmaker in award-winning architectural firms.


Our Product Prototyping and 3D Printing Services go hand-in-hand. Whether you already have a 3D design you want printed for a physical feel of the design or whether you need us to develop your design in 3D and print it, we can realize this. Prototypes are very useful for product development and especially for presentations when selling an idea for a proposed design of a product. Our 3D prints are made from hard plastic which come in a multitude of colors and our build volume is 330 x 310 x 305mm. For more information please contact us.


The quality of our models are of international standards, yet our prices are at a competitive rate to suit the Kenyan market. Our Modelmaking and Prototyping rates are relative to the project at hand, please contact us for a quote.